HOW WE WORK : Honeymoon Hotel is a design and print studio founded and directed by Karli Florence and Lee Fallon. Growing a brand that is essentially a family-run enterprise allows us to form a personal, hands-on approach to our work. We oversee every aspect of our product's journey; early design ideas and drafts are created by the same hands that print and fulfil your order. We are able to build a relationship with what we're creating and gain understanding of what our customer's are desiring.


When your Honeymoon art reaches you, be mindful that it didn't begin it's life in a warehouse like a nondescript battery hen. We don't keep stock of our product due to the fact that we offer such a broad landscape of options. The art you receive was printed to order for you, with care and consideration. It is useful to consider that our turnaround is not equal to the likeS of Amazon or any similar large scale corporation as we're aware that each customer has unique requirements, expectations and vision, something we respect with heart. 




Providing a high quality product is as vital as creating beautiful Art.

We print on high quality premium (230 gsm) stock using light resistant ink. We've researched extensively figuring out the best paper finish, a suitable weight thats durable but not too fibrous that it would crease when rolled and which inks provide our standard of vibrancy and depth.

The quality of our prints extends to our packaging and the utmost care and consideration has been placed into ensuring your shipment is packaged securely and safeguarded for it's journey.



We aim to fulfil all transactions within 10-15 days and it is important that we highlight that our lead time is subject to change depending on our schedule / seasonal demands.

Our large scale prints (20 x 30" / 50 x 70cm / A1 +) tend to have a longer lead time due to their scale and handling requirements.

If you've ordered a bespoke design the lead time commences from date of approval. This applies to custom sizes or any transaction involving modifications / amendments at the customer's request.

Should you require express delivery, feel free to arrange this with us prior to your transaction.

You're welcome to contact us for an update on your order via :



CALL US : +191 466 1262 (ext. 500)



ADDRESS : Honeymoon Hotel | Clervaux Exchange | Clervaux Terrace | Jarrow | Tyne & Wear | NE32 5UP

We're open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5pm ~ Any enquiry placed during weekends / holidays will be followed up upon our return



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