Seventies Decor. 

NOT the quintessential 'retro' medley of burnt orange, chocolate brown, khaki green, (sometimes Cadburys purple)... altogether.... In one room. But the blend of something a lot more subtle and smudged, decadent, and terrifically tactile corner to corner.



Granted, what I have in mind is by no means stereotypical or mainstream of the ‘decade that style ‘apparently’ forgot.’ Nostalgia softens everything after all.

The appeal is the overall mood; it's warm and welcoming, sensationally textural with zero sharp edges - (give me a fucking break with this clinical black, grey and white scandi inspired shit we’re facing EVERYWHERE right now).




Today's ‘take’ on 70’s interiors is undoubtedly more palatable than what actually was and if you look around, it's style elements are everywhere. It’s in that beautiful velvet sofa (you can’t bring yourself to risk ruin in your family home) It’s behind the jungle of leafy green plants, a recent staple in the modern space. Painting your walls this shade by Farrow & Ball?...And liking it! Thank the 70’s.... The Wicker. The Wall Tapestries. The Excess. 



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