Creating a space dedicated to personal wellbeing has become TANTAMOUNT. A very stressful 2018 literally had me on knees as I became increasingly riddled with the stresses of life that thus far I was (luckily) immune to. I realised that a tiny step to lessen those relentless niggling worries (which were actually crippling stints of full blown anxiety) was to lighten the load, all around me, in every direction. 

Clearing out clutter reduces the senses, you have cleaner air to breathe because it lets the light in. 


The top floor is little more than a neglected and derelict toddler hang, one that that is precariously strewn with long forgotten toys (of the sharp underfoot variety - as is always the case with young boys) My beloved velvet sofa sits up there alongside a rowing machine, both unloved and abandoned. Facing them is an old Ikea table top suitably defaced in red marker, there’s some lost cushions from downstairs, an old dressing gown. It’s grim and its a wasted opportunity to help balance our living system.

The larger of the two rooms will accommodate little more than our bed which is precisely why I want to make the move up there. A bedroom with just my bed has always been a lifelong dream & I’m convinced having minimal night time distractions will also go some way to improve my terrible sleeping patterns. I do not want another dumping ground for dirty clothes hence why storage in there will be minimal, if present at all. 

“Pare down to the essence, but don't remove the poetry” - Leonard Koren

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Minimalism is not the medicine here because comfort is key - and let’s be honest, never have I found those two elements happily married in one room. This new project is more about creating a haven that’s incorporates the bare essentials, a splash of beauty but with poignancy in it’s most naked form. If stripping back to basics is the key to zen then it’s worthy of the process.

I’d love to document the process with you as we create our place of peace so remember to check in for updates. In the mean time, here is my current inspiration.

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