A recent (stunning) purchase we made of a batch of raw Rose Quartz stones brought so much inspiration, this time to not only look around us at face value for potential creative references but also deeper within us, with more a more purposeful result.

I have long had a fascination with crystals and their healing properties but the whole cleansing and balancing of chakras... NOPE. Too much.

That's not in ignorance; studying an ancient practise that is believed to right many wrongs requires a serious level of commitment that myself and most others haven't a place for. (This absolutely endorses the sentiments of this post by the way)


Raw imperfect minerals and rugged stones and surfaces have formed the foundations of our new range, Stone Me.

We've viewed nature's imperfections and untampered forms as the absolute in beauty and hopefully, this range will enhance many more aspects in your surroundings beyond your walls just simply looking UNREAL.


NB: It is believed if you bathe your face in water in which Rose Quartz has soaked it banishes signs of ageing... SOLD.


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