TRES BIEN | trailblazing maverick pt. ii



You know those rare souls who's presence immediately overwhelms you? You're almost smitten by their very essence? They've outright floored you?

Someone you wish you were more alike but completely fail in pin pointing what it is about them that you so admire... It's indefinable, you can't quite put your finger on the extra element, atom, 'thing' that they have in abundance but rest don't possess. They don’t sweat the small stuff but their life is still firmly in control. Flush with spontaneity but never burdened with a nasty surprise (...Unexpected bills, bailiffs, parking tickets. Nope. Not them. EVER) They're composed. They're together. Winning. In conversation they're candid, but sparingly so. They share enough about their life to engage and relate but nothing too sensitive to draw cringe on their name. They say the right things, at the right time. Never over-dressed but always well turned out. Never under-dressed because their casual is STILL pristine, and beyond anything you could replicate in a hurry. They exude positivity, warmth and love. Aloof and elusive, as there's always something forever un-touchable / un-reachable. Brimming with interesting ideas and anecdotes without dragging you into a late night inferno of political debate. Aware. Of Everything. They’re light hearted, light minded and usually light footed (whereby their shoes are never ran off their feet) yet they still have depth and enough of it to not just offer wisdom but escape any scrape or late night altercation because they’re ALSO unexpectedly street-wise despite having sterling class, elegance and grace. 


That rare Flourish of brilliance is infectious.

Use it to improve and influence you and how you handle your life. It's not to be wasted or used as a catalyst to dwell on your shortcomings and misgivings, after all, it's likely that this brilliant human sees the same brilliance in YOU