This Palette. We Love.

Forecasted by Sherwin-Williams, Sincerity is one of three distinctive palettes predicted to dominate how we choose to enhance our homes through colour and tone in 2018. 


colour forecast 2018
"Soft, washed neutrals, greens and sanctuary pinks work together to create harmony."  Sue Wadden - Head of colour forecasting. 
colour forecast 2018

This dreamy palette of muted femininity (though, one in its most washed out, grunged up, badly behaved embodiment) has slithered in and declared its relevance in such timely fashion as we begin work on a new creative collaboration with Laura of Ladyface (...all in due course)

Influenced by Minimalism, Hygge and Normcore; Sincerity is a return to simple, mindful living and "...creating an environment to disconnect and recharge." A detox that appeals to us at least! 

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You can unleash these dreamy tones on your walls, TODAY, with this inspired printable download - HARMONY