A notion that is oh so relevant in that it's widely overlooked in today's society.

Our first digital Artbox is a direct offshoot of our experience upon launching Honeymoon Hotel. We wholeheartedly believed in our product as it was something that fit our personal tastes & ideas. We've long mused over how selfish our art is, and if we wouldn't hang it in our own homes then those failed cluster of vectors simply do not breathe air beyond the confinement of Adobe. There was (and is) absolutely zero amounts of designing going on to fit a target audience, (which heightened the risk & F.E.A.R to another level) And that selfish will to please oneself & to satisfy your own personal standards, is what we believe is the key ingredient to making a success out of something, whatever the field.

Gaining pleasure from a project, a career... (this applies to anything in life); simply can't fail because you're enjoying the process as much as the result and with enjoyment nothings a drag.

So don't sweat the small things and feast on life's pleasures, enjoy La Bella Vita & have some belief & optimism.

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Honey Moon